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Donald Trump criticizes press freedom.

When asked in the Oval Office, Donald Trump (our dear president agent orange) attacked press freedom:”It is frankly disgusting that the press can write what it wants.”

A statement that will not improve Donald Trump’s relationship with the media. On Wednesday, in the Oval Office, while receiving Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the U. S. President attacked press freedom, after again attacking NBC News on Twitter. He was trying to denounce an article he said “fake news” in which the channel asserts that it wanted to increase the country’s nuclear arsenal tenfold:

“Cable news channels have become so one-sided.” It’s not fair to the public!”

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Asked about this tweet, he replied that he found it “frankly disgusting that the press can write what it wants and people should look into it.” A journalist then asked him if there should be “limits on what the press should write”:”No. The press should be more honest. CNN pointed out that there is no license for national channels, but one per local station.

“They have non-existent sources, which do not exist.”

So he denied the information that he wanted to multiply the U. S. military arsenal by ten, saying that it would be “unnecessary”:”I know the capability we have and believe me, it’s impressive. It’s massive. So when they make up stories like that, which are just made up, well, the generals will tell you that. And they have non-existent sources, which do not exist. They’re making springs. There are no sources.”

Trump’s resentment towards NBC News (in particular, among all the media he describes as “fake news”) is also due to an article in which the station assured that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had thought about resigning this summer and calling the president a “moron” at a meeting at the Pentagon. Rex Tillerson denied the first part and refused to mention the second part, saying:”I’m not going to talk about mean things like that.