hide your ip address while browsing the web

4 Ways to Hide IP and Protect Your Privacy in 2019

If you are not making use of a VPN, you should know that you are leaving traces on every website you visit.

Just observe what I can learn about you when you visit this page: the language of your computer, the browser you are using, your operating system, and even your IP address and location. It’s scary. But there is a solution to hide your IP when browsing the web.
In this article, I will show you how to change your IP easily and keep your activity secret.

What is an IP address?

All devices require an address to access and connect to the Internet. Your IP address is unique. And it can be static (your Internet Service Provider assigns it to you, and it can’t be changed) or dynamic (changing at the will of your ISP, every hour or so, or every time you restart your router).

When a person, company, or government gains access to your IP address, it is feasible for them to know the exact location from which you are connected. It doesn’t matter if you connected via cable, Wi-Fi, or using your cell phone’s mobile data.

If you don’t want anyone to know your public IP address, you need to hide IP, and you need to know how to change the IP of my PC. The best way to do this is to use a VPN.

Why should you hide your IP while online?

http and ip addressesDo you want to share your home address, email address, or phone number with advertisers and other third parties? Of course not. Since this information is personal and sharing, it could result in spam or worse. The same goes for your IP. Let’s review the reasons why you should hide IP or your IP address.

Hide your location: There is a lot of data stored on your IP. And anyone can locate you using them. Don’t you believe me? Check the page “What is my IP, or how can I change the IP of my pc? Where the country where you are, the region, and the city are listed. It would also be possible to show your coordinates in GPS… So it is essential that you hide your IP address or at least change IP address!

Avoid IP restrictions: Governments, companies, and schools set limitations to block you from accessing certain content and websites when using your IP. The only way to decide what content I want to access is to change my IP address.

Protect your computer from attacks: If you are a gamer, this is for you because by hiding your IP address, you can block DDoS attacks and any other attacks focused on your vulnerable IP address.

Surf anonymously: Last but not least, privacy is a right. Therefore, you should protect it from intruders. How to change my IP or hide IP? I hide my IP address with a VPN – you should do the same!

These are just a few of the reasons why I hide my IP and know-how to change IP or how to change the IP of my PC when I’m online. And I’m sure there are many others that I haven’t even thought about. But this is enough to convince me that all users should their IP for their privacy.

Does private browsing hide the origin IP?

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t. Both incognito mode and private browsing do not hide your IP address, i.e., hide IP. These particular windows or tabs can only protect the data of your local and local red navigation (on your computer). The information is still clearly transmitted over the Internet and can be intercepted, and your IP address will remain public for any website you visit.

How to hide IP, your IP address, or how to change the IP of my PC?

There are many ways to hide your IP address and how to change my IP. And I’ll show you later the analysis of all of them. If you have asked yourself: how to hide IP or my IP address? I have the perfect answer, read on!

The best way to hide an IP, change an IP is to use a VPN

First, I would recommend getting a VPN like ExpressVPN (reviewed on this website). VPNs have the property of changing IPs; you should know how to change my IP easily and replace it with an IP from your server. And that’s just what you’re looking for: Hiding your IP is always better than changing IP to another country. So it works for what we’re looking for. And it has many other benefits that improve your security and protect your privacy.