Police state: on the march against the rise of social protests throughout Europe

A look back at the year 2018. Faced with the Yellow Vests movement and the high school mobilization of the past two months, an impression of something new emerges when we take stock of the repressive arsenal used by the government in power. It is undoubtedly first of all the terrible count of the physical victims of police violence that is staggering.

An armed police trained for war

The “instant tear gas grenade” GLI-F4 is misnamed because it is more than a tear gas but rather explosive and deafening. Since the withdrawal, in 2017, of the F1 grenade that killed Rémi Fraisse in Sivens, it has been the most powerful grenade in the arsenal of mobile gendarmes. It contains an explosive charge of 25 grams of TNT, which makes it a weapon of war.

France is the only European country using it for police operations. The flash-ball or “defensive ball thrower,” LBD 40, is also a mutilating weapon, and the exponential number of mutilated people in the face shows that police officers are now deliberately targeting this part of the body.

A legal arsenal at the service of the “State”

The violent, mutilating state and, also, increasingly disproportionately constraints and condemns all those who challenge the established order. The range of products used is extensive too. There are thus all the procedures for restricting fundamental freedoms decided by the administrative authority, which are the direct consequence of the incorporation of provisions relating to the “state of emergency” (and therefore supposed to be limited in time) into ordinary law since 1 November 2017.

And for those who fall into the net of immediate court appearances for the mere possession of objects treated as “weapons by destination,” it is often prison time or suspended sentences, even for people who have never been convicted before.

State violence as an agent of social violence

On the one hand, high school students forced to remain to kneel with their hands on their heads for several hours, on the other side, police officers pampered by a salary increase, and increasingly encouraged to use violence, to such an extent that some began to pull out their guns in the middle of a demonstration. On the other hand, there is a growing social protest, and on the other hand, power at the service of the rich and the bosses, which now has repression as the only answer.

The criminalization of social protest is the tree that hides the forest from the criminalization of social exclusion. The number of prisoners in France has just broken a new record: more than 71,000! Of which 1,500 sleep on the floor because the prisons are overcrowded, etc. The security and authoritarian state is the ultimate weapon for those who want to preserve the rotting capitalist world.

avoid dodgy mechanics

Got Screwed by Dodgy Mechanics in the Past? Use OBD Scanners

This has probably happened to a lot of us, especially women that tend to not know much about automobiles. You bring your car to a garage and get hammered with a crazy bill for repairs, only to find out later that you’ve basically been ripped off by dodgy mechanics…These days, technology is rapidly improving and helps us quickly diagnose our cars without the help of an untrustworthy mechanic.

OBD scanners are used by both car owners and car repair shops alike to read critical electronic information from a car’s computer system. Find more on these code readers here https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-obd-ii-scanner-534868

The Autel AL519 OBD scanner offers you a plethora of information about your car, ranging from why your check engine light is on to critical one-click state emissions checks that will tell you if your vehicle is within government standards. Now that cars have complex electronics systems having a quality OBD scanner is a must for anyone who wants to properly diagnose and repair their car.

Autel AL519 OBD Overview

This scanner works on a broad range of vehicles manufactured after 1996 (OBDII and CAN), on both foreign made cars and imports. So there’s a good chance it’ll work on your car as well. It features a bright color screen for easy reading, as well as audio sounds for different system checks, making understanding the results of the scans a breeze. The Autel AL519 can also turn off your check engine light and clear codes that have been fixed. For the car-owner, this means you don’t have to take your car to a certified mechanic to remove the codes, even after you fixed the problem.


– The Autel AL519 OBD scanner comes packed with features. Some of those features include:
– Read, stores and playback of live sensor data
– Prints your data via a PC connection
– Operating system can be updated over the internet
– Check engine light data and reasons
– Able to read generic manufacturer codes specific to your vehicle type
– Much, much more!

One thing to note is that this OBD scanner will not change codes. For example, you cannot change your keyless remote entry code with this unit. The Autel AL519 OBD scanner only reads codes.

scanner to diagnose car issues

Overall Performance

Between the easy-to-read display with audio feedback and the great diversity of vehicles it is compatible with, the Autel AL519 scanner packs a big punch for the sub $100 price tag. One feature not mentioned in the specifications is that it won’t just read the codes and tell you what they mean, the unit will suggest possible fixes.
This saves you time and money when you’re trying to get your car back in working order.

Another significant benefit of this scanner is that there are no batteries to worry about. It draws on the power provided by your car when plugged in (don’t forget to turn the ignition on!). However, some do find this a bit limiting because it means you’re tethered to your car when reading the data.


The Autel AL519 OBD 2 scanner for cars ranges in price, depending on where you buy it from. The price on Amazon is $56 (as of this writing). You can also find it for about $65 at Walmart. Shop around your area to find the best deals. But even if you end up paying a little more, you’ll make up the cost with the savings this OBD scanner gives you concerning easy diagnostics and maintenance.

For your money, this scanner has everything you need to keep your car maintained and in great working order.

Is Trump Becoming that Failure We All Thought He Would Become ?

After patriots rallying around Donald Trump for the last elections in America, it is now time to make a summary of Donald’s first 100 and so days as president of the United States of America!

Even Alex Jones that used to be one of his main supporter and helped getting him elected against Hillary Clinton, he’s now slowly turning his back to Trump and realized how much of a fool he was for supporting him !

Another take on Mr Presidents’ failures :

IKEA Designs Shelters to House Syrian Refugees

The IKEA Foundation has developed a tent-like structure that houses up to 5 people, is safer and more durable, and for only around $1000.00. Partnering with Better Shelter, IKEA have created these easy-to-build shelters to provide Syrian refugees with bigger accommodations than the best camping tents they were previously housed in.
IKEA is famous for its range of home-assembled furniture, and just like a bedroom set purchased from one of their stores, these new shelters arrive on site in two large boxes. Taking an average of six hours to erect, these structures can be built without the need of any additional tools.
At 57 square feet these shelters are far more spacious than a typical refugee tent, and are also much more cost effective as they can last up to 3 years, unlike a tent which typically last only 3 months.

Consisting of lightweight panels the shelters are able to stand up to most weather conditions, keeping the occupants safe from sun, wind and rain. The light reflective fabric that makes up the roof helps to keep the desert heat at bay.
In addition to the aforementioned advantages of the shelters over tents is the addition of electricity and light powered by solar components. Occupants are also able to lock the door to prevent intruders gaining access.10,000 shelters have already been ordered by the United Nations, in response to the refugee crisis. Iraq has already built 2600 of the new shelters, and 775 of them can be found in Europe.

Read more here : http://www.businessinsider.com.au/ikea-refugee-shelter-2015-11

Belittling Vegetarians


Smith & Wollensky, a North Dallas eatery, has been publishing a third-of-a-page advertisement in The Dallas Morning News. I’ve seen the ad two or three times now, including in today’s Sports Section. The restaurant’s slogan, “Horrifying Vegetarians Since 1977,” appears prominently in the ad (above a life-size steak knife). I believe this slogan is used by other restaurants across the country, but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable. It is unacceptable. Where does a restaurant get off belittling vegetarians? There are, of course, different grounds for vegetarianism. Some people forbear from eating meat on prudential grounds: They believe it to be unhealthy. But others forbear on moral grounds: because they believe meat-eating to be wrong. It is one thing to reject the proposition that meat-eating is wrong; this is a respectable position taken by many intelligent, well-meaning people (including philosophers). But how low is it to belittle those who conscientiously choose vegetarianism as a way of life? The slogan encourages meat-eaters to look down on vegetarians, when in fact they should look up to them.

In some quarters, sadly, moral seriousness is seen as naivete. People with moral scruples are viewed as uncool, dorky, laughable, perhaps even as ascetic or religiously dogmatic. Don’t vegetarians realize that the vast majority of people enjoy the taste of animal flesh? Don’t they know that humans have been eating meat for as long as there have been humans? Do vegetarians really believe that their choice of a meatless diet will make a difference? Will a lifetime of vegetarianism save even one cow?

vegetarian-memeBut these questions presuppose that the point of living a moral life is to make a large-scale difference. It is not. None of us controls anything but his or her own behavior. The point of living a moral life is to achieve a kind of integrity in which one not only has moral principles (one can always avoid hypocrisy by refusing to stand for or espouse anything), but strives mightily to live up to them. An integrated person—a whole person rather than a shard of a person—tries to integrate his or her beliefs, principles, feelings, values, attitudes, and actions. An integrated person avoids hypocrisy (not practicing what one preaches), insincerity (not believing what one says), and inauthenticity (not feeling the feelings one expresses).

I’m not making a case, here, for vegetarianism. Others have done so far better than I can, or ever will. I’m making a case for respecting, even admiring, vegetarians. They are trying to live a life of integrity and principle. They want the world to be better, not worse, as a result of their existence. They care about something besides social status and gustatory pleasure. Not consuming animal flesh is a way of showing respect for the animals, many of whom were treated like machines while they lived. It is a way of saying, “Not through me.” It is a way of standing up for something.

Most readers of this blog know about Peter Singer’s important work in animal ethics. Animal Liberation, now in its second edition, is a classic. Singer made discussion of the moral status of animals respectable and serious (not to mention lucrative, in the sense that one can make it an academic specialty). Here are two other worthwhile items: (1) David DeGrazia, Taking Animals Seriously: Mental Life and Moral Status (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996); (2) Mylan Engel, Jr., “The Immorality of Eating Meat,” in The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature, ed. Louis P. Pojman (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000), 856-90. Anyone who wants a PDF version of the second of these items, which I consider the best essay ever written about vegetarianism, should write to me. I will be happy to e-mail it.

Negative Campaigning and Personal Attacks


I keep hearing that people don’t like negative campaigning, but the discussion then shifts to personal attacks, as if that’s what negative campaigning means. I think these are different matters. One can engage in negative campaigning without attacking anyone personally (although it’s hard to imagine a personal attack that does not constitute negative campaigning).

vote-for-me-memeA positive campaign consists in setting out (or displaying) one’s background, character, principles, and policies. The candidate says, in effect, “Here’s what I stand for; here’s who I am; here’s what matters to me; here’s what I will work to achieve; here are my values.” A positive campaign makes no reference to what one’s opponent(s) stand(s) for.

A negative campaign, in contrast, consists in setting out—and then criticizing—one’s opponent’s background, character, principles, and policies. It is other-directed rather than self-directed. It runs another down rather than building oneself up.

I believe that the opposition to negative campaigning, so understood, is that it is insulting to the electorate. The candidates must think that unless they run the other(s) down, the voters will not be able to figure out for themselves how and why the candidates’ principles and policies differ. The voters are being treated like children. Most voters are intelligent enough to understand such differences. They want to hear what each candidate will do upon being elected. Having heard this, they will compare the views and decide how to vote.

If I (god forbid) were a candidate for public office, I would set out my principles and policies as clearly as I can and let the chips fall where they may. I would not even address the views or values of my opponent(s). If what I say appeals to the voters, they will elect me; if not, they won’t. I retain my pride and self-respect; the voters feel as though they are treated like adults (because they are). The system itself is cleansed of negativity. Politics becomes noble again. All of us are better (and better off) for it.