Say no to spam with disposable e-mail!

These days, almost everyone who uses the Internet has one or more email accounts. And no matter how careful you are, it’s hard to avoid receiving daily emails that don’t interest you. And even if you always check the box not to receive promotional e-mails, you will still end up receiving spam.

Even the biggest and most serious companies know that e-mail marketing is a very profitable business and they usually send a lot of e-mails that you are rarely interested in. In fact, that’s why the so-called “loyalty card” business is so successful: you have to provide all your personal information, including e-mail, address and even your date of birth!

Although, for the reasons outlined below, you should not use temporary emails to subscribe to services that you use regularly and that contain personal information, these anti-spam emails can be very useful in certain circumstances.

What are anti-spam emails?

Also called disposable or temporary emails, these emails are generally email services developed for one-time use. That is, to fill in a registration form and be able to check your account, but then not to use it again.


Because they are designed to be used temporarily, this type of email generally does not require a password to access and is much less secure than traditional email services such as Gmail or Outlook.

What is the most popular anti-spam email service?

Although we have previously shared a link to an article with 3 of the most popular temporary emails, the most used is undoubtedly Yopmail.

When to use them?

Because of their characteristics and even though they can be very useful to avoid receiving spam in our non-temporary emails (Gmail, Outlook, etc), anti-spam emails should only be used, for example, to register on pages where you do not enter personal information and if the account is not important to you.

Remember that because spam emails are not designed for regular use, you may not be able to access them again to change your account password, for example.

However, they are very useful for registering on a web page that requires you to create an account to access its content, such as a forum, because once you have read the content you are interested in, you will probably never use that account again.

As you may have guessed, creating an account on this forum with an anti-spam e-mail allows you to avoid receiving promotional e-mails sent by the forum to your traditional e-mail account.