Psychics: the spirituality or psychology?

The existence of psychic powers can hardly be questioned, as there have been millions of people who admitted that that psychic readings have significantly helped, and improved their lives. However, explaining the phenomenon in reality may not be as easy.

While some argue that psychics rely merely on psychology while performing their readings, others claim that they actually use spiritual powers that are supposed to be different. In order to find out the answers, we have questioned the Oranum – one of the most authoritative psychic portals.

Most of the psychics said that they have particular spiritual talents, and that their craft is unrelated to psychology. However, according to the encyclopedic literature the psychic powers are nothing more than the ability of psychological reading.

In fact the psychics could be the very good psychologists, but when asked questions unrelated to a particular person, their readings would turn out highly inaccurate. So it is like, when they see their client in person, they can read from the manner that he dresses, speaks as well as facts from his life and any related information, but when they have no clues, they just start imagining, and then it never works.

Thus, these who claim to be enlightened, or actually to possess spiritual powers are likely either hiding the truth about their craft or simply believing in their own extraordinary powers. From our experience with Oranum, we really think that the latter supposition is true.

In fact, it makes a good sense, why skeptical individuals suddenly start believing in extraordinary powers after an actual contact with these psychics. It is just the psychics tend to have a very good natural psychological perception and as they never flaunt it as psychology, the individuals are left with no other choice than to conclude about the existence of spiritual powers.

It is indeed difficult to spot the psychology where not even a single traditional psychology term or question is being used. Hence, due to inability to explain their own psychological sense, they start imagining to have extraordinary powers and claim themselves anyone but psychologists.

However, this is absolutely no reason to discard their abilities altogether. Psychics help so many people and Oranum actually makes a great job in providing them a complete freedom of different approaches, rather than demanding a scientific explanation of each end every technique.

All in all, even psychological help from a good institution can provide us as many insights, and resolve as many problems. It is just in the modern society psychology has received some very bad reputation, and most of the people refuse asking the help of psychologist unless they realize going mad.

Thus, who don’t consider themselves crazy would rather prefer to talk with clairvoyant or any kind of occult practitioners than with actual certified psychologists. That way the psychics are effectively stealing the potential clients of the latter… What in the world?

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